Ufa Lufa opened in 2016 and its name is inspired by the frenetic and hectic pace of children, born explorers with restless minds. In this shop, we find products dedicated to the children's universe, especially brands that do not have mass distribution. The owner of the shop, a mother of twins, values the design of the pieces and environmental concerns in their production, but also the educational side and, no less importantly, the good quality-price relation. Nesta loja encontramos produtos dedicados ao universo infantil, sobretudo brinquedos e vestuário de marcas que não têm distribuição massificada. A proprietária da loja, mãe de dois gémeos, valoriza o design das peças e as preocupações ambientais na sua produção, mas também o lado didático e, não menos importante, a boa relação entre a qualidade e o preço.

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To learn more about the history and interesting facts of this store, check in at the shop window.
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Unique features

Visitors of Ufa Lufa will find a differentiated range of toys and childcare articles. The shop is geared towards personalised service, suitable for children and those accompanying them, and takes into account the needs of the little ones, even making a wooden rocking horse available so that they can rock while the adults browse around the shop. On one side of the establishment, there are clothes for babies and children up to the age of eight, some hand-made and made by portuguese brands. On the other, there are toys, games, and decorative items for the spaces occupied by the little ones.

A story or curiosity

Clients come from all over the world. Let's see: they have a Japanese client who, whenever he comes to Porto on business, makes a point of going to Ufa Lufa to buy a present for his daughter as a ritual. The harmony with the little ones is so strong that they say that even the shyest baby, who would never go on anyone's lap, stretched out her arms to the owner of the establishment! In the unavoidable simplicity of the words of a child: "This is the coolest shop in Porto!"

Integration with the Local community

Inserted in the "Arts Neighbourhood", Ufa Lufa finds in the Simultaneous Inaugurations of exhibitions in Rua Miguel Bombarda a privileged opportunity to interact with the community and share its toys - which are, themselves, true works of art!

Elements to be exhibited

In Comércio Fora do Sítio, Ufa Lufa will pair up with Santos & Irmãos and lend for exhibition an inflatable giraffe created by the Czech artist of the 1960s and 1970s Libusa Niklova, whose work has already been exhibited twice at MoMa - Museum of Modern Art in New York. The artist is renowned for being extraordinarily enterprising for her time and for the vintage design of her toys.

Storefront concept

“You go further when you play”

Exploring the fertile ground that is the child's imagination, the construction of the "Ufalufa" showcase falls on what a child sees when looks at the oval frame maker machine and the rest of the estate provided by the historic store "Santos & Irmãos Lda". The machine becomes a carts track-maker... on the other hand, the cart track comes to live in the moment it goes around the box and get in touch with the “UfaLufa’s” children’s world. "Ufalufa" and "Santos & Irmãos Lda"

Window display developed by Marta Pinheiro