In 1858, a Fine Arts student couldn't find any framing workshop in Porto consequently, he started to draw, by hand, frame models and, manufactured them for his works of art. Thus was born the first frame shop in the city of Porto, a meeting point for artists and a workshop that, throughout time, always tried to dress works of art with the accumulated knowledge of a century and a half of history. Santos & Irmãos was recognised under the Porto of Tradition Programme in 2018.

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To learn more about the history and interesting facts of this store, check in at the shop window.
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Unique features

When visiting Santos & Irmãos, customers will have personalized advice, the product of the knowledge developed at its counter over generations. The products are of high quality and the service is dedicated to the customer, whose satisfaction is the highest priority.

A story or curiosity

The owners like to recall the funny story of a customer who went to Santos & Irmãos to pick up an order that had been ready for... 20 years! The piece was still wrapped up waiting for the owner and the customer left very happy to have got the painting back after so long.

Integration with the Local community

The workshop has always been associated with the city's artistic community. Several renowned artists have contributed to the creation of models for the Santos & Irmãos catalogue, such as Fernando Lanhas, Marques de Oliveira, Henrique Medina, Júlio Resende, and Noronha da Costa. In this shop and workshop, everyone knows that the best way to contribute to the local community is to establish bridges so that the artists feel at home, accompanying them in their creative process and throughout their life and artistic journey.

Elements to be exhibited

In Comércio Fora do Sítio, Santos & Irmãos lends to Ufa Lufa, for exhibition, a vintage machine which is used to produce oval frames, and the portrait of its founder. This represents the foundation of the shop, without which this 164-year adventure would not have been possible!

Storefront concept

“The frame embraces the design.”

The "Ufalufa" store stylized giraffe, inflated by the curiosity that the estate of the store "Santos & Irmãos Lda" created in it, decided to pay a visit to the store... it analyzed the frames from one end to the other and among all of them it found a frame that liked very much. In this window of "Santos & Irmãos Lda" we find a toy made by the Czech artist of the 60s and 70s Libusa Niklova, provided by the store "Ufalufa". This toy, whose author has already seen her work exhibited at the "MoMA - Museum of Modern Art" in New York - receives the "embrace" of a frame produced by hand in the centenary workshop of "Santos & Irmãos Lda". "Santos & Irmãos Lda" and "Ufalufa" are two stores in partnership within the scope of "Comércio Fora do Sítio".

Window display developed by Marta Pinheiro