Opened in June 2018, in the most emblematic area of the city of Porto regarding the arts, the shop's main vocation is to promote the work of local independent creators. Its mentors, a creative couple, opened this pleasant space, of interaction between what they like and the taste of other people who appreciate quality, design, simplicity, and creativity. The shop's main focus is illustration, but we also find handmade ceramics and unusual objects for decoration.

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To learn more about the history and interesting facts of this store, check in at the shop window.
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Unique features

As soon as you enter Olá Breiner, you feel you've entered a corner of the house. The place is aromatic and welcoming and the wood is a strong element of the decoration, giving it a natural look and creating a cosy feeling. Those who enter can find objects for the home or more personal pieces that make their days pleasant and practical. Besides their two own brands - 100% Portugal and Mum Who Loves to Sew, they take particular care to select brands created by local artists, with a focus on sustainability, quality, and affordable prices. Sílvia and Raúl Pina believe that their offer differentiates itself in the market through the authenticity of the product, placing the creative and the client in a co-responsible and conscious attitude. They are sure that all this can be done in a very beautiful and, of course, very creative way, in perfect harmony with our common home: the planet where we live.

A story or curiosity

The owners recall a German couple asking for recommendations of restaurants to eat good fish. As they love walking and thought that they would be from the same club, they suggested that they walk along the waterfront to Matosinhos, to see the sunset under the Arrábida bridge, arriving at the restaurant at dinner time. The next day they went to say goodbye to Silvia and Raúl and made a lot of purchases in the shop, and thanked them for one of the best days of the holiday of their lives. Two weeks later, the wife returned to Olá Breiner with her three daughters and told them that they had come to Porto to choose a holiday home so that they could enjoy the city more often. They bought the house, bought many pieces to decorate it in Olá Breiner, and still visit the shop from time to time.

Integration with the Local community

The Arts District - as the area where Olá Breiner is located is known is known for its proactivity in creating collaborative initiatives in the neighbourhood, and Olá Breiner shop has actively participated in all of them. They've already had a blog promoting the neighbourhood's commerce and have even participated in an attempt to create a paper map that could be distributed in the shops and galleries. They have worked and lived in the neighbourhood for over 15 years!

Elements to be exhibited

In the scope of Comércio Fora do Sítio, Olá Breiner is pairing up with Casa Januário and lending original illustrations of the city of Porto for exhibition. They also challenged their creatives to develop pieces and works specifically related to coffee, presenting exclusive designs and old works, still unpublished.

Storefront concept

“A toast to Porto with coffee.”

From the coffee beans, an iconic product selled by "Casa Januário", a narrative around the production process was developed in the "Olá Breiner" storefront: from the plant to the bean, through the roasting process, grinding and, finally, the tasting of this much appreciated drink. "Olá Breiner" and "Casa Januário" exchange products and objects as part of "Comércio Fora do Sítio".

Window display developed by Marta Pinheiro