In 1902, José Moreira da Costa, great-great-grandfather of the current owner Miguel Carneiro, founded Livraria Moreira da Costa. A family business for 5 generations, it has been in its current address since 1948, and is 121 years old, making it the oldest bookshop in the city of Porto. Livraria Moreira da Costa's mission is the sale of antique and rare books, and its purpose is to promote the recognition of books and reading for their great importance; after all, books are culture, knowledge, and wisdom! Besides antique and rare volumes, here you can also find current books at affordable prices. Livraria Moreira da Costa was recognised under the Porto de Tradição Programme in 2017.

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To learn more about the history and interesting facts of this store, check in at the shop window.
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Unique features

Located in the heart of Porto, Livraria Moreira da Costa has a unique architectural interior and hides a great secret: a basement with more than 50 thousand volumes that is not open to the public but can be occasionally visited.

A story or curiosity

Besides the most assiduous customers of the shop, there is a special group of three people who every week spend an afternoon in Livraria Moreira da Costa discovering rarities and curiosities, making the occasion a meeting among friends. One of the clients, an Australian, never fails to knock on the door of the bookshop whenever he visits Porto. In the words of the owners, he is like a good friend who draws the bookshop in his eyes.

Integration with the Local community

For 121 years in the city, Livraria Moreira da Costa has been relating to its people in many different ways. It is guaranteed that many generations of families that live in Porto have chosen this as the place to buy books for their personal libraries, and the owners know firsthand how proud they are of this iconic establishment that has stood the test of time. The bookshop is leaving its doors to introduce itself to more readers at the city's Book Fair, but the booksellers guarantee that there is no experience like visiting this authentic living piece of Porto's history.

Elements to be exhibited

In Comércio Fora do Sítio, Livraria Moreira da Costa is paired up with Farmácia Moreno and has elected the book "Portugal Médico", dated 1726, to exhibit in its emblematic shop window.

Storefront concept

" To read is the best medicine." 

In the "Livraria Moreira da Costa" window display you can see the laxative medicine Doce Alívio, patented by Farmácia Moreno. The concept of this window display revolves around the feeling of "lightness" provided by the medicine: the articulated dummies hold large boxes in proportion to their height, metaphorizing the feeling of “lightness” in a fun and relaxed way. These characters are positioned over old books from the "Livraria Moreira da Costa". The chosen color is inspired by the word "Doce"- sweet -, present in the medicine’s name. Between "Livraria Moreira da Costa" and "Farmácia Moreno" - stores that exchange products and objects within the scope of Comércio Fora do Sítio - a continuity of color was established, in order to reinforce the connection between the two establishments.

Doce Alívio is a Non-prescription medicine dispensed exclusively in pharmacies, containing as active substances Cáscara Sagrada 0.1345g; Belladonna extract 0.0051g; Meimendro leaf powder 0.0102g; Dihydroxyphthalophenone 0.1345g; Podophyllin 0.0051g. It is indicated for constipation of various etiologies and before intestinal examination or surgery. Contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients, in patients with intestinal obstruction or inflammation, in infants and children under 12 years of age, in clinical situations associated with hypertension and in glaucoma. It should not be used in patients with abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting of unknown etiology. Contains lactose. Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Read the information on the label and package leaflet carefully. If in doubt or if symptoms persist, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Promoting entity: Moreno II - Produtos de Saúde, Ld

Window display developed by Katarina Szymanska