The Farmácia Moreno was founded in 1804, with the name Drogaria Félix & Filho. The pharmacy was dedicated to the production of products of plant and animal origin to treat ailments. In 1890 it was acquired by the doctor and pharmacist Rodrigo Moreno and renamed Farmácia S. Domingos. The name we know today dates back to 1928 when the pharmacy passes to his nephew Antonio Moreno. Through time, Farmácia Moreno has a staff of reference, with technical and scientific training: a dynamic and dedicated team that seeks to provide pharmaceutical products and services of excellence to the community.

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To learn more about the history and interesting facts of this store, check in at the shop window.
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Unique features

Farmácia Moreno is located in a bicentenarian space in downtown Porto, iconic for its imposing iron facade with characteristic symbols of pharmaceutical activity. It was very involved in the production of its own products and representation of others, differentiated in the market. For those who are more curious, it is important to note that the facilities have a space called "Memories of Pharmacy", with equipment used in the past for the in-house production of medicines, in the form of powders, ovules, creams, ointments, tablets or syrups.

A story or curiosity

One of the memorable moments in the history of Farmácia Moreno was the celebration of its two-hundredth anniversary. It was a social gathering shared with customers and public and private entities linked to the activity, a recreational proposal that in its time gave rise to much animation.

Integration with the Local community

Farmácia Moreno has always been in the boldest initiatives of the sector, in differentiating itself by the numerous international representations and professional programmes, in which the implementation of generic medicines or vaccination stands out. It has been involved from the outset in social support programmes, such as the Cura+ Association or the Abem Programme. It also organises various community activities, such as walks, training sessions, and training sessions on various themes for very different audiences, screenings, and distribution of informative material on health.

Elements to be exhibited

In the context of Comércio Fora do Sítio, the Farmácia Moreno exhibits in the shop window of the Livraria Moreira da Costa, a medicine available on the market for over fifty years and patented by the pharmacy itself.

Storefront concept

" For a healthy mind, reading is the prescription."

In the "Farmácia Moreno" window we find the book "Portugal Médico". Dated 1726, it is a very rare book written by Brás Luís de Abreu (1696 - 1756). The showcase contains other books, which have yellowish leaves. They were selected to characterize and promote the main product sold in the "Livraria Moreira da Costa". It is also possible to see glass bottles with colored liquid, which help to recreate the laboratory atmosphere, representative of the Pharmacy - softened by the chosen color for the windows background. Between "Farmácia Moreno" and "Livraria Moreira da Costa" - stores that exchange products and objects within the scope of Comércio Fora do Sítio - a continuity of color was established, in order to reinforce the connection between the two establishments.

Window display developed by Katarina Szymanska