Founded in 1926, Casa Januário is the realization of the dream of a young entrepreneur descendant of a family of farmers from Barroca do Zêzere, in Fundão, who, at the age of 14, came to the city of Porto as an apprentice. Despite the setbacks of the time, Januário Gil managed to establish himself and, thanks to his great knowledge of the business and his very own way of serving his customers, he achieved remarkable success, quickly becoming one of the benchmarks in terms of national fine groceries. This shop is currently approaching its centenary, with the 3rd generation of the family already managing it. Casa Januário was recognised under the Porto of Tradition Programme in 2017 and its mission is to interpret the history and antiquity of the business as a way to always make the best products available and to modernise with respect for tradition.

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To learn more about the history and interesting facts of this store, check in at the shop window.
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Unique features

Casa Januário reinterprets the history of the city and of the neighbourhood shop, offering personalized service and doing justice to the quality, variety, and diversity of products to which the inhabitants of Porto - and many others - have long been accustomed. At Casa Januário the customer has the opportunity, in a calm and welcoming environment, to find a wide variety of products of the highest quality: wines - including vintage Port wines -, ingredients and accessories for the confection of desserts, and, of course, many varieties of coffee ground on the spot in traditional mills.

A story or curiosity

One Christmas Eve, at supper time, when the owner's grandfather had already closed up the shop, the other employees had left for their homes and he was getting ready to go home, on the upper floor, a man knocked at the door of the shop. The grandfather, as usual, went to open the door and found that it was a last-minute customer. He took a long time to assist him, as the customer wanted a large selection of expensive drinks (for consumption and to gift). When he finally finished, the customer paid and left satisfied, as well as the grandfather, who went up and sat down happily at the table. The grandmother, who was already worried about the delay, asked what was the reason for the lateness and the satisfaction, to which the grandfather replied: "I was serving the last customer of the day, who turned out to be the best customer this Christmas". Hence the tradition of always taking care of the last customer, with satisfaction, even if it is very late!

Integration with the Local community

Casa Januário is located on a street that has always been outside the traditional trade circuit, which epicentre is Rua Santa Catarina. Therefore, its clientele has always been loyal and neighbourly and not so much of occasion or passing through. They have learnt to live this way, adapting to the changes that, over the years, have been successively introduced in the panorama of the city of Porto. They feel prepared for what the city and its dynamics have to offer to the business and believe that the association between shop owners would bring countless benefits to the whole commerce sector.

Elements to be exhibited

Within the scope of Comércio Fora do Sítio, Casa Januário pairs up with the Olá Breiner shop and lends it "pieces of history" related to coffee: an old mill and bags for storing the beans. Since the company was founded, coffee has been one of its most important businesses. It was bought raw and later blended and roasted in the shop. In addition, at Casa Januário, coffee - which had its market quotation - was bought at low prices, stored, and later sold at high prices - in a true investment perspective. Therefore, it represents the roots and the tradition created and transmitted by the ancestors in the family tradition of Casa Januário.

Storefront concept

“In the city streets we discover hidden charms and stories."

Walking around the city to buy coffee, we face, in the "Casa Januário" shop window, the landscapes of Porto, the particularities of its buildings and the people who are living there, all  well captured in the illustrations provided by "Olá Breiner" store. "Casa Januário" and "Olá Breiner" exchange products and objects as part of "Comércio Fora do Sítio".

Window display developed by Marta Pinheiro