Alcino Silversmith is a family business, founded in 1902, which started as a small workshop dedicated to the manual production of decorative silver pieces. In the ‘60s of the 20th century, it was established in Rua de Santos Pousada, n.º 76, where it remains today. Of the 3 existing Alcino Silversmith shops in the city of Porto, this one is certainly the most emblematic, as it incorporates the workshop. The mission of Alcino Silversmith is to create an authentic, original, and innovative product from art and tradition. In 2017 it was recognised under the “Porto de Tradião” Programme.

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To learn more about the history and interesting facts of this store, check in at the shop window.
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Unique features

Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 Workshop Store is a unique shop, a space full of history, art, and tradition. The workshop is an extraordinary asset to this commercial establishment, as a customer visiting the shop will be able to see the artisans at work, learn about the production process of the pieces, the different phases and techniques of gold smithery, among many other treasures - literally and figuratively. More than buying or selling, the aim is to provide a truly transformative experience, and it is on this premise that Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 bases all its work for generations.

A story or curiosity

Once, a customer from the United States of America observed the execution of a crab in silver. He was so amazed that before the visit was over, he said he wanted to purchase the crab he saw being made in the workshop. There was an identical piece available, but the customer did not want to take the ready one: he preferred, instead, to wait until the crab he had seen being executed was finished. In other words, this customer wanted to buy the experience of having a piece executed entirely by a craftsman in front of his eyes!

Integration with the Local community

At Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 Workshop Store, proximity with the community is valued. They believe that the work they do is important and that customers also recognise it, seeking to give back through an excellent welcome and exemplary after-sales service.

Elements to be exhibited

In” Comércio Fora do Sítio”, the Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 Workshop Store is paired with Araucana. The items of the estate and collection exhibited in Araucana are 2 silver giraffes: original and very characteristic works of the brand. The giraffe is one-of-a-kind animal. It means balance in nature. But more importantly, it’s a metaphor for looking into the future. It is an animal that, due to its physiognomy, stares at the most distant. It has a unique appearance, so working on its texture is an authentic work of art. Silver animals have been part of ALCINO’s work and creativity since the brand’s first years of activity

Storefront concept

"The city’s elegance lies in the balance preservation with nature."

In the "Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 Workshop Store" window there is a set of clothes from the Portuguese brand "Pé de Chumbo", provided by the store "Araucana". The concept of this showcase is inspired by the patterns and colors used by the brand in the 2023 collection. A dynamic background with volumetry was created, in various shades of orange, in order to highlight the product. Between "Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 Workshop Store" and "Araucana" - stores that exchange products and objects within the scope of Comércio Fora do Sítio - a continuity of color was established, in order to reinforce the connection between the two establishments.

Window display developed by Katarina Szymanska